viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

Minulla tulee ikävä sinua

Two weeks ago Riita and Tuulla (Sami and Toni's girlfriends) came to visit them to Japan!

You can see their respective couples in the pictures...don't they really match? even the girls match the finn stereotypes! it seems that they are not only for finn tech students!!

We enjoyed a funny weekend visiting the beach, doing a nice barbeque, and of course some drinking!! We even made some purikura pictures (like a small photo machine in which you can aterwards edit the pics so htey look really cute, specifically designed for 15 year old girls)

Then came the surprise...the girls left around the 27th of August and the boys (as a nice surprise) went back home the following day!

Although they first thought to stay till the 15th of September, they changed plans and returned to the land of the thousand mountains the 28th of August and left me here all alone!! :(

couldn't they have that nice detail with me here and stay a semester more? Nooo, the damn guys had to be nice to their girls!

I will miss a lot the late night meetings, cooking beers, picture competitions, barbeques, tall roundish buildings, A-buldings, perkeling, evening's cinemas, nomihoudais (well...just 1!), sunday's cooking competitions, finish proud talking, having the TV turned on, time crisis team plays, beting the hell out of them with the X button, comparing lenses, drunken matial arts competitions, file sharing, watching Sweden beat the hell out of Finland in a karate competition, cut & blows at hair dressers, 10-yen roof poker games, talking about porn movies with chinese girls, shouting "Mina emme pidan ruotsalainen sta" in the face of Shari, and above all... the glugs glugs klan members!!

long life to Glugs Glugs Klan!


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hey matias!!

te cuidado con esos nordicos que le pegan al glug que no veas....pero diles de mi parte que la sanfria es mucho mejor....y el kalimotxo ni te cuento!!

Un saludo,

up the irons! Heavy metal for ever!


12:05 p. m.  
Blogger Joan said...

algú va dir que: tiran más dos tetas que dos carretas.
Demostració: Veure els finlandesos.

4:44 p. m.  

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