lunes, abril 21, 2008

Trip to finland

Hi all,

I promised news from my trip to Europe, here you have them. I went to the land of salmiakki and tuttas that are very natty to do some research with a fellow mathematician, but I had some time left to see old friends (take a look at Mi first post on them).

I first met Sami and Toni (look at him!! he has hair!!), who very kindly came to pick me up at the airport! Three days later I managed to escape a night and visit Tampere and make a party at Sami's place, where I could also see Rita and Tuula and Mikko (pics 3 and 4)...

I also managed to meet Antti and Tommi, from my vulcanus age! (pics 5 and 6, notice Tommi dancing Abba!!)...We had a couple of beers, tasted some nice finnish food (hmmm!!) and of course...many many memories of old vulcanus days!

To you guys reading this: "Minulla tulee Ikava sinua!!!". Next time we meet at Sendai, right? :p

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